How can I become a Dominican Citizen?

You become an official, naturalized Citizen by making an economic contribution to the country of Dominica and going through the process.

How can I get an passport from Dominica?

A passport will be issued immediately upon application once you are citizen of Dominica.

When was the economic Citizen process from Dominica established?

The Economic citizenship program was first established in 1993.

Will Dominica require me to renounce my current citizenship?

No Dominica does not require you to renounce your current citizenship.

Will Dominica alert the authorities in my current domicile?

Dominica does not notify authorities of your current country of residence or citizenship about your new citizenship in Dominica.

Can I renounce my Dominica citizenship if circumstances require me to do so?

Yes, You have the right to renounce Dominica citizenship any time.

Am I granted citizenship in Dominica for life?

Yes, you are granted official citizenship for life and it is not revocable.

There is no catch? What if the program is stopped?

There are provisions in law that state you keep your citizen’s status even if the Dominica economic citizenship program is stopped. The passport issued with citizenship is valid for 10 years and then would just be renewed like any other passport. Passports for children under 16 years old are being issued for 5 years.

Can I renew my passport if it expires in 10 years?
Yes, the process to renew an expired passport is straightforward. It can easily be renewed for a one time low fee at the immigration and passport office in Dominica or at any Dominica consulate worldwide for another 10 years of validity.

Where can I travel?

There are over 100+ different countries which share a visa free travel provision with Dominica.

Is any residence in Dominica required?
No, you are not required to live in Dominica to keep citizen status. You do, however get the same rights as someone born in Dominica.

Can I purchase property?

Yes, you can purchase property in Dominica if you wish, however, you are not required to reside in Dominica to keep your citizen’s status.

What’s the tax situation?

As an official citizen of Dominica you enjoy tax-free status, meaning there is no tax on foreign income, capital gains, gifts or wealth and inheritance tax. Your only tax obligation on worldwide income occurs when you physically reside in Dominica.

How do I get a Passport in Dominica?

You will be required to make a donation to the Government of Dominica and you may need to make a visit to Dominica for a personal interview (interview requirement was removed Feb 2015 except in extraneous circumstances).

What if I don’t want to travel to Dominica?

It’s possible to arrange an interview with Dominica Government representatives in your country of residence for a fee (interview requirement was removed Feb 2015 except in extraneous circumstances).

Any other steps?

Appropriate due diligence procedures and a comprehensive criminal background check are required. We help you with this process and make sure your application is in order, meaning the due diligence is likely to gain approval without problem.

What are the total fee’s for Citizenship in Dominica?

Economic Citizenship from Dominica is a fast and reliable method to acquire citizenship

The price is a $100,000 economic contribution + approximately $30,000 in fees and background checks.

The Contribution amount was raised by the government in August 2016 from $100,000 due to the program’s overwhelming popularity.

What about my family?

Your family can receive citizenship as well, and the cost for additional family members varies based on age, but is approximately $25,000 each extra.

What are the benefits of a passport in Dominica?

If approved, you receive full citizenship rights, passports, hassle-free visa travel, tax free status, and many other benefits of a Passport from Dominica

Can I change my name?

Yes, you can legally change your name after one year of citizenship. The country roster will also reflect the change in identity.

What is the legal system in Dominica?

Dominica is a common law jurisdiction.

Where else can I get a second passport instantly?

There are only 2 countries in the world where you can get an instant passport. The other country, besides Dominica, where you can get a passport is another Caribbean Island called St Kitts and Nevis.

This passport program is available for a minimum US$400 thousand dollar investment in real estate in addition to a fee of US$50 thousand dollar fee for one applicant and US$20 thousand dollar fee for each additional dependent. There are also professional due diligence fees which are contingent upon the number of persons included in the application.

How long does it take to get a passport in Dominica?

It takes approximately 3-6 months to get a passport from Dominica. It is one of the quickest passport programs available that grants you official citizenship by naturalization.

Do I have to give up my original citizenship?

No you do not, as Dominica recognizes dual citizenship.

Am I an actual naturalized citizen of Dominica?

Yes, you become a naturalized citizen with an official passport.

Do I need to Speak English?

No knowledge of English necessary or required.

Can you guarantee my confidentiality?

Yes. It is standard policy of Dominica to not report the citizenship vetting processes to anyone.

How much will it cost me to get the passport of Dominica and be naturalized there?

It depends on the number of family members, the country of present citizenship and permanent residence, how often you have been moving, and where your last domicile was. These factors, and others, will affect the time required to perform due diligence background checks. Although solo people have achieved citizenship for around US$100,000, the total end cost for you and your entire family will probably be somewhere between $125,000 and $300,000.

If I go through the process and I receive a passport from Dominica, do I have to renounce my current citizenship?

There is no such a requirement from Dominica, it is up to you and your individual circumstances if you are required to take such action.

If I’m naturalized in Dominica, can I ever be de-naturalized?

The only grounds for this is if you were to give is false information that was accepted and later proven to be false. otherwise you receive citizenship for a lifetime.

How long does the entire process, from application submission to passport issue, take to occur?

The fastest we have seen is just 2 months with our assistance in preparing due diligence materials as requested from the Government. The process depends almost entirely upon how quickly the investor can provide the required information. Normally the process takes between 3 and 6 months from start to finish.

How much must I pay at the different steps of the process of naturalization? Will the payments be returned to me if I am denied of naturalization?

The investments will be completely returned, but the payments for professional services is not. Note that we don’t take the whole sum at once. Usually, if the first results of examination of your data are positive it’s almost certain that your expenses were not in vain.

What are the differences in the rights of a citizen born in Dominica and myself and my family, assuming we have gone through the process and been naturalized.

None. You have all of the same rights as a natural born citizen of Dominica, including rights to property, voting, passport use, tax qualification, etc.

Are there any countries whose citizens cannot be naturalized according to the laws of Dominica are from the following places:

Colombia, Iraq, and Afghanistan

I am from a former Soviet Union country, am I eligible for a passport?


Lets say I have extensive wealth held offshore, will I pay taxes in Dominica?

You will not pay taxes in Dominica. You will only be eligible for tax while living IN Dominica, for the income you receive during that time. Taxes are not rigorously enforced in Dominica.

Can I renounce my newly acquired Dominica citizenship if I need to, without going to Dominica?

Yes, and it is a quick and simple procedure whereby there is no need for you to come physically come to Dominica.

Lets say I want a birth document with changed date of birth, can I ask Dominica to indicate that?

No, absolutely not. The procedure of naturalization in Dominica is One-Hundred-Percent legal and any falsification of documents is restricted.

Can I buy land in Dominica?

Yes, and you will NOT be subject to the Alien Landholding license, which you would otherwise have to obtain, were you not an official citizen of Dominica.

Any suggestions if I want to buy land?

Buying land in Dominica is relatively easy, but word to the wise, make sure you get clean title, hire an attorney (we can refer several) and get title insurance to ensure the proper transfer of real property.

What’s my next step?

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