Step One: Initial consultation | Preparation of applications

The Initial Step to accessing a Passport to Dominica is a consultation with a member of our team of experts.
Our lawyers review the entire process with you in detail and hold your hand every step of the way. We represent YOUR interests in going to the Government of Dominica and use an officially approved due diligence vetting process. We will be able to inform you of the likelihood of acceptance before you make any non-refundable donations to the government of Dominica. You will later face an interview with the government, and we will prepare you for this (no longer required as of February 2015 except in special circumstances). We will also provide all paperwork, and walk you through the process. We ask that you please only contact us if you are serious.

Unlike others, we are not a middle man service, we have direct connections with the government of Dominica through our team of Lawyers in Dominica.

Dominica Citizenship

TIME PASSED: Within 48 hours you will receive a consultation. Contact us immediately. After we have provided the forms to you, its up to you to complete them as your convenience or speed.


Step Two: Submission of application | Background Check

After you have had an initial consultation, been briefed on the entire process, and decided to move forward in the step by step process to receive a passport from Dominica, we will submit your application.

The next step to a passport from Dominica is a background check. The background checks are an important part of the process and the agency which performs the check will usually charge a separate fee between US$5,000 and US$10,000 depending on the circumstances of your individual situation.

This fee is highly contingent upon how many countries or places you have lived in. We have seen most Americans pay US$6,000, but the background check is very straightforward. We have seen Indian families who have also lived in London pay US$9,000. Overall, this fee should be very easy to estimate during your initial consultation and every single fee will be shown to you. No surprises.

Dominica CitizenshipTIME PASSED:
Although for complicated cases it may take longer, your background check should take no more than 1 or 2 months. Usually the professional firms hired by the government (we have no say in the background check) are reasonably fast.

Step Three: Comfort Letters and Investment Deposits

Assuming you have passed the background check, and your application has been provisionally accepted, you have achieved a major milestone. The Government of Dominica will contact our firm, and we will pass onto you the knowledge that you will be receiving a passport from Dominica if you pay the full donation amount.

This step is when you would make the investment of US$100,000 (or more for a family) to the Government of Dominica, and never before this point. Some providers will scam you into thinking otherwise, and we have heard sad cases of families being duped out of $100K+. We work directly with the government through our lawyers, and our team has never failed to get an applicant citizenship in Dominica and a Dominican passport.

Dominica Citizenship


TIME PASSED: After the letter is sent back, which takes at most 1 month, it will be up to you to make an investment to the Government of Dominica. Again this is contingent upon your ability to pay the investment to the Government of Dominica. It can be done as quickly or as slowly as you decide.

Step Four: Interviews, Taking Of Oaths & Naturalization

You are very close at this point. There are two formalities to be taken care of. Firstly, you (or the head of the household in the case of a family) must go and meet with government officials in Dominica (no longer required except in special cases).

If you cannot for some reason go to Dominica, or do not desire to go to Dominica at this point, then government officials will fly to you, at your expense. After a successful meeting for which you are well prepared by our legal team, you will have completed your naturalization process after taking an oath of allegiance to Dominica.

Dominica CitizenshipTIME PASSED:
You are officially a citizen of Dominica, congratulations! The very last step you will want to make, and we will continue to assist you with, is the application for a passport from Dominica immigration as a naturalized citizen of Dominica. This process takes at most several weeks.

Step Five: Procurement of Passports

You’ve done it! You now have a powerful travel document with your Dominica Passport. You also have official citizenship status and can do any thing a natural born Dominica citizen would be able to do including: the purchase of land, voting, running for office (if you want to be a politician!) and truly anything else. You have a government that is not intrusive, and will NEVER tax you on your worldwide income, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, dividends tax, etc.

Imagine what it would be like to have that feeling: to be completely and totally free.

Feel the overwhelming sense of relief and joy to know that you are free at last… with your passport from Dominica.

We can get you your Dominica passport. We have many clients who remain private, but will vouch for our service personally if needed.

I just want to say thank you for my whole family, we are so happy that we were able to escape our home country. The fact that Dominica puts forth this program is truly wonderful. Thank you so much – A.

We provide a clear and transparent process and act as your guide to receiving Dominica citizenship and a Dominica Passport. We will help you every step of the way. If you are interested, please send us an email through our form below. We look forward to serving you.

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